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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Here's a question for you, Dramanyuk.

When you left that theater after the movie, did you complain how difficult it was to see getting out of the auditorium?

Because since that sconce light is clearly not dimmed, the next cue (the one that is placed at the beginning of the credits) would have told the sconce light to dim during the credits, making it nearly impossible to see. No way you could not have noticed it.

Yeah, didn't think so.

Screenvision ad.
I've never had problems getting in or out of any of the theaters in that building, lighting or not.

By my recollection, the movie was playing. Was I lying or otherwise trying to launch a hoax for the reason of positing that someone with a concealed weapon that night could have saved lives? Please.

Do you know how retarded this sounds?

Since I'm not the sconce master, I couldn't tell you if there was an error or not or what the usual MO is for them.

This is very basic - witnesses in those seats saw where he was and what he was wearing and described him to the cops. Doesn't that alone say enough?

Oy vey.
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