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Rod Smith

Only my opinion but I think we absolutely wet the bed on this one. Now you'll continue to hear Broncos spin that we were prepared for this and had a back-up plan ready to fire as soon as we released Dumervil. Well if that is indeed the case then why did we literally beg Dumervil to come back in the form of multiple contract offers and now we're sitting at a status quo with no replacement signed

I honestly think they totally ****ed this up and thought they could get Doom back at a low price even after the fax fiasco. Dumervil played them and played them well and now they dont really know who to replace him with.

There's not too many people **** over No7 but our former RDE just did and in effect Dumervil never really lost any money at all because he was never getting that $12m. He was only ever getting $8m guaranteed and a further $3.5m guaranteed only for injury.

Now Elway and Co may well find a replacement in the draft or get a year or 2's decent play out of Freeney or Abraham but until he accomplishes that, it somewhat damages what looked like a very good offseason up until that Friday for me.
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