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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
What it means is that you're yet again googling around trying to fish for personal info to use as a weapon, even if your efforts are half-assed.
I'm just pointing out how retarded you are. Indentifies as ex-leftist? Check. Almost verbatim posts same arguments? Check.

Why put it there if it isn't your homepage? Why say it is when it isn't? It's quite easy to see (if it is not) where you get your sick and twisted thoughts.

Good grief. Time for you to put the tail between the legs and head home. You were obliterated in this thread.

Like I said, why you continue to post on a forum where you are consistently trumped and not liked is beyond me, but undoubtedly you have a lot of free time to waste if you are strolling by yourself going to movies and snapping cell phone pics to argue with people online.

Man, I might debate draft prospects with the boys. . . but what you are doing is next level sadness.

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