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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I don't remember exactly when I took it. The lights were down and the screen was playing. I'll see if I can give it another go again next time. Unfortunately the time stamp my camera puts on pictures is jacked up and not accurate, it adds several hours. But dishonest? No. And no, the sconce lights weren't all the way up, either. I do remember lights were dimmed.

And there were people in the theater - just about 25 of them, mostly to my left.
No. It's a ScreenVision ad for a fish taco, not part of the movie. The lights don't go to low until after the trailers are done playing. If you took a picture of that sconce light while the movie were playing, you wouldn't barely be able to make out what it is at that distance on a cell phone.

And I wouldn't post a picture while an actual film is playing, if I were you, and I'm dead serious. The FBI investigated a 13 year old girl at my theater who took a picture of her friends in front of the Jonas Brothers movie. Don't think someone won't call them if you do.
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