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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
If straight talk is gsm nexus should be fine. Sucks they tried to screw ya over like that. They have been surprisingly decent customer service wise to me at least. I lost my phone a couple months ago but they worked with me at least allowing me to redo my contract to get another discounted iPhone at least.

Most cell companies will screw people over though, no way around that. My bro has AT&T at full price and I think it's crazy. Whatever
The Nexus from google is a great choice. Although it is TECHNICALLY a 3G phone, it's more jargon than anything.

Also BEWARE of buying any used phones EVER. Someone can give you their used phone, then make an insurance claim on it any time in the next week, month, year, and your phone will cease to work as anything more than an Ipod Touch.
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