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Princes of Tara

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

I already addressed this last month.

The picture you claim you took yesterday is still irrelevant, because you can easily tell it was taken in between shows. How?

1 - It's a ScreenVision (or whichever company they use for outside advertising) ad for a fish taco.

2 - The sconce lights are all the way up.

3 - There's no one sitting in any of the seats.

Read my post.

The auditorium would have been near pitch black with regard to the theater lighting, and the light from the screen both helps wash out figures in between the viewer and the screen and acts as a spotlight for anyone with their back to the screen.

This is a concept that takes place in every theater, everywhere, except the showings we used to run for autistic children where we would play the movie with the lights turned up and the sound turned down.

You're being about as dishonest as you can get here.
Like you have any knowledge of how theaters work, you liberal kiddie.

Lol. I have gone Burt Wonderstone and the new Oz movie in the past week and while the lights on the sides are up during the previews, as soon as the feature film plays, everything dims. I have seen a zillion movies in my life (always a friday night tradition back in HS and now back home with friends) and there has never been an instance where there were big lights on (like in her picture) when the film was playing.

Do you think it is possible that some of the lighting and set-up in that theater changed since the shooting?

Either way, her posts are ludicrous.

You know what feels the greatest when you are beating your head against a brick wall?


Yet, she is going hard. HAAAAAAAAAARD.
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