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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
You actively pick fights with people and recoil like a child when it backfires. That's not my problem. Your behavior with instigating against people has gotten you permanently banned from at least 2 Broncos forums. That has nothing to do with me or anyone else you've chosen to attack.
You've been shelved at other forums too, so don't act like I'm the only one. Lmfao. I got banned at Broncomania like 8 years ago and Tned's site because I willingly crossed a line he didn't want me to, but I did anyways. The outcome was what I had hoped for. So don't think you are on some moral high ground, because you really aren't.

As usual, when unable to respond to something, you resort to pubescent slur-hurling. But then again, you're a liberal, and I already know liberals cannot uphold the very standards they claim to have.
I don't think you know much about where I stand politically on most issues. Calling you out in this thread isn't slur-hurling. It is the facts. You recently purchased a gun, don't even have a conceal and carry and limited experience in a firearm, yet have the audacity to think that you could have changed the outcome of a tragic event and even save the lives of others if such a scenario presented itself.

Protip: You cannot.

What is even more funny is the fact that you state I can't have an opinion on the issue at hand because I don't live in Colorado and my experience with guns comes from using them primarily for sport and living in "the middle of nowhere." I'm sorry, but I will take my experience with those weapons over yours any day. Like I said, posting a picture of your shiny new toy over a Manning jersey doesn't impress anyone here.

Wog has said plenty of abusive filth to me on this thread and elsewhere. On this thread alone he said he'd use me as a shield against James Holmes and I heard not a single squeak of protest out of you, now suddenly you play Mr. Moral Outrage?
Didn't see his comment. Probably well-deserved.

Cut the ****. I don't think saying one thing in return makes me a 'hypocrite' in spite of that you have a psychological need to twist it into that to justify another of your juvenile chimping episodes.
Of course you don't. Anything to absolve any personal responsibility for the actions you have taken on this forum. You like to make a lot of assumptions on not only myself, but a lot of members here. It's quite silly. The fact that you are desperate enough to go to the theater in order to try and prove whatever points you think you are is just plain silly. Nobody here takes you seriously, so why bother?

We are all laughing at you.
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