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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
... with a camera running @ full aperture, 1/8 second shutter, and ISO800.

See how washed out the picture looks (particularly the screen)? See how grainy the picture is? That's because of those settings, and those settings are also why the photo makes it look like there's decent visibility. Too bad your eyes have to collect light continuously and don't have 1/8 of a second to do so for every 'frame'. Not to mention your eyes won't be running at 'full aperture' (i.e. fully dilated) nor be dark adjusted (cones adapted to darker conditions) after starring at the screen.

Entirely unimpressive vapid one. Do you think no one here has any experience with cameras either? It's pretty damn easy to make a camera 'see' more light than the human eye in the dark. I do it all the time (I do astrophotography).

However, this time you had your GPS on, so at least we have some idea that the picture was actually taken at that theatre!

One thing I will give you, though, is that it does look like that particular theater has installed very unusual lights, probably because of the shooting. Anyone know what's up with that light?
No, it's because it was a cellphone and I had to lighten it to make it look more like it looked with the naked eye, otherwise it comes out way darker than it looks.

Simply visiting there yourself will put a stop to all of this silly speculation.

I actually figured I'd get called a liar about having been there, and am quite surprised I haven't been.

Yes - theater 9 has some new stuff, but I was also in theater 8 yesterday which looks more like pre-remodel 9 did, just a mirror image. Some of the stray slugs from 9 went into 8 next door and hit people. You can still see people coming up the stairs and identify moviegoers from staff. You can see their Monsters, Inc. tshirts and the walkietalkies on their waistbands.

If you wanted to see ticket stubs, just ask. Theater 9 is now known as XD and theater 8 is Auditorium H (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet).

Other pics I've taken:

Remodeled entrance of Theater 9

Out front

The Denver comPost has a picture spread of the place when they had the reopening ceremony. Theater 9 is in pictures 4, 9, 10, 17 (front entrance like my picture), 27 (great view of seating area), 31, and a whole-theater birdseye view in photo 32.
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