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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Don't kid yourself, you are plenty immature. Did you still want to sell me a kidney?

And I guess you just forgot what you said to W*GS and wanting his picture so you knew what he looked like so you would never save him.

Not only are you pathetic, but ridiculously petulant and petty. We will call you Triple P.
You actively pick fights with people and recoil like a child when it backfires. That's not my problem. Your behavior with instigating against people has gotten you permanently banned from at least 2 Broncos forums. That has nothing to do with me or anyone else you've chosen to attack.

As usual, when unable to respond to something, you resort to pubescent slur-hurling. But then again, you're a liberal, and I already know liberals cannot uphold the very standards they claim to have.

Wog has said plenty of abusive filth to me on this thread and elsewhere. On this thread alone he said he'd use me as a shield against James Holmes and I heard not a single squeak of protest out of you, now suddenly you play Mr. Moral Outrage? Cut the ****. I don't think saying one thing in return makes me a 'hypocrite' in spite of that you have a psychological need to twist it into that to justify another of your juvenile chimping episodes.

So please, chimp away.

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