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I personally have no issues with ARs, I wouldn't mind owning one,do I need an AR? No. I'm simply pointing out,that ARs or any version of an AR,can be constitutionally be banned/regulated. A point you're not comprehending.
So you don't mind that the government wants to ban guns it can't define are a threat, have no statistical evidence are a threat and in fact chooses to ignore statistical evidence that shows the guns are only rarely used in gun murders.

Are you normally this blindly trusting?

The media and liberal politicians are currently defecating in unison about the AR 15 issue. They previously defecated about the same issue, only then they called them Bushmasters. These a-holes can't even accurately name the gun in question, even while they're trying to push to ban such guns. Instead, they come up with a common catchword that they use as a pushbutton word. The flavor of the week is "AR 15."

Of course, they can't tell the truth about other things, either, such as about what James Holmes was wearing. Want to see a big media lie? Watch this. CBS News claiming Holmes had a "bulletproof vest" on when the very receipt they showed proved he purchased a flipping utility vest with magazine storage pouches.

Start asking why the government wants to ban guns with such thin pretexts and stop going along with the hype.
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