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Clearly, your skills at evasion need work. Your reaction to failing a simple test just shows that you need to put more time and effort into your training. Until you do, please do the rest of us a favor and don't go out carrying. You're putting innocent lives at considerable risk.

PS - If I had an out-of-control semi barreling towards me as I was walking on the sidewalk, it sure would be nice to have Superman there to save me.
So answer --

By accounts of the Aurora PD, the most lethal section of the theater was rows 8 to 12, in which 6 deceased victims were found. Last night I sat in row 11, and from that row I took this photo looking down the stairwell that Holmes ascended while shooting into the seats.

Imagine yourself sitting there that night. Would you have wished at least one person had a defensive weapon in that theater while you were being shot at and trying to hide as you hear those around you screaming in horror and begging for their lives or not? A simple yes or no will suffice.

Next picture. Row 9, a couple seats from the stair Holmes ascended, which according to reports is the exact spot that Jon Blunk was shot to death in. Imagine if it was you there on that floor hiding. Would you feel happy that no "Rambo" was there to try to take out Holmes, or would you wish that someone could have helped you from being shot several times in the back with a rifle?

I think a simple yes or no response to the above question suffices here, also.
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