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It's interesting that you chose uniforms to vent outrage. For decades, US defense equipment has had components made outside the US.

Weapons systems with Chinese components....including counterfeits?

Not important, let's all focus on the border patrol uniforms made in Mexico.

In it’s 2007 annual report to Congress, The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission gave 42 recommendations to Congress, including the following:

“The Commission recommends that Congress require the Department of Defense to prepare a complete list of the country of origin of each component in every U.S. weapon system to the bottom tier.”

After learning that our own government doesn't seem to know where parts are made even for our most critical weapons systems -we decided to research this issue in more depth.

We looked at all U.S. defense contractors to see what parts were made in the USA.

We could not find any defense contractors that make weapons systems of exclusively U.S. made parts.

And, most of the outsourced parts are made in Communist China!

What if China decided to cut off these parts to the United States?

How relevant would our military be?

Why doesn't our government know where parts are made for U.S. weapons systems?

How did our elected leaders allow this happen?

What do we do if China cuts off U.S. weapons system parts?
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