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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Boy, you have a little snit-fit when your ignorance and false sense of bravado are laid bare to the reading audience.

Like I said, you're as much of a risk to bystanders as the shooter is.

Get yourself some real training, son.

PS - When you went to the theater and took those pics, were you carrying?
I'm still waiting for you to answer the 2 simple questions I asked on the first page of this thread: If you were in those seats with a rifle to your face, would you or would you not wish someone were there to defend you? Now you can't answer the same question with the very imaginary scenario you just invented.

I wonder why. So why not admit that and be honest?

Truth is - you're willing to sacrifice the life of the person with the gun in their face as long as that life isn't YOURS, and that's what your evasive posts have been saying between the lines every page of this thread.

Tell us - just once - what you would do if that gun was in YOUR face in that crowded room. Don't be snarky and say something stupid again like, "Use you as a shield." Would you or would you not wish someone nearby had a gun to pull on the assailant? Yes or no.

Answer the question like a man.
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