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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
You do note the innocent folks in the background, don't you?

What happens if you miss (and that's quite likely)?

You've clearly not taken any training in shoot/no-shoot scenarios.

You're at least as much of a danger to the public as the shooter.
He's pointing a gun at human beings and as such is an immediate threat to life and it would be perfectly legal to blow his head off. In the name of saving lives, as all you emotional effeminate lib-males do, you engage in speculation about people in the background and hand-wring about "what ifs" while the guy has a gun in a woman's face and is about to unload. You also intentionally ignore that a defender could take a different position to make it less likely to have a bullet hit others.

You're not that bright, are you?

And you still haven't answered my questions. Do I have to re-paste the post here and rub it into your snout again?

So you're saying if he had that gun to YOUR head, you'd get angry if someone pulled out a weapon to defend your life because your concern is someone in the background? Idiot - those people are looking at the man, and if he had a real gun, they'd be ducking under the tables making it even less likely they'd get hit.

Yet again, you are lying your ass off.

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