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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Solid analysis, keep it coming.
I've already broke down Elam's game a billion times on the forum. If you think the Broncos need to use their #28 selection on a stiff-hipped, box safety in the NFL who consistently gets flagged for penalties, has poor tackling form (would rather murder a person on the field than wrap up) and is almost always one step late in coverage (hence him going for the big hit) be my guest.

If you watched any of the combine, read about his pro day or even watched his snaps this season (go to and see it for yourself) -- you would get what I am talking about. Though, I assume you are a Gators fan and would rather be a homer than objectively critique a player on "your team."

He is not a complete player, nor what this defense needs on the back end of the field. I'm not the only one who feels this way either. Ask Mediator. Ask a bunch of other well-respected fans of college football and the draft.

His coverage awareness is not good. Do you really think that a 5'9 safety is going to be able to cover tight ends at the next level? This is where he excels in college, being able to be physical and press his man from getting off the line. Do you think that is honestly going to carry over in the NFL when he lines up next to Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, etc.? HELL NO. He is a mismatch waiting to happen. We already have a safety who fails to break on the ball in zone coverages because he lacks the mentality and instincts to do so consistently. Do you really want another guy who is going to get beat like that? Give me a break.

The best thing I can say about him is he gives great effort against the run and is extremely physical for his size. He also has a passion for the game and inspires people. Though, I'd prefer a player who can PLAY than a cheerleader.

Anyone who is advocating Elam @ #28 just simply does not understand how to evaluate a defensive back properly or understand what draft value is all about.

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