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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
C'mon man. If they thought Kruger was worth that they would have kept him. Dumervil can put more pressure on the QB than most guys in the NFL, he gets on QB's as fast as anybody in the League.
If Denver thought Dumervil was worth it they would have kept him. See how that works? Sometimes teams offer more money.

Kruger is a far and away a more versatile player then Doom. Situational players can be replaced easier then complete players. Instead of just Kruger, now the Ravens are going to use at the very least two players to replace Kruger. Argue that fact away. Yes the pass rush is better but, the Ravens have already said they are going to rotate Doom with Upshaw because one is better at pass rushing the other is better as run stopping. The way teams run hurry up now days it won't take much to get them caught in the change over and taken advantage of. Also you now have a better idea package wise what to expect from the D. The Ravens won't be able to hide Doom in coverage or on run D.

Right now Denver could end up in the same boat with the rotation of players playing DE, though I hope hope we would go after a more complete player in the draft so moving forward to replace Doom. You guys can spin things how you want to about Doom in the run game but, he wasn't very good.

Maybe I'm wrong but, judging how JDR runs things he is willing to give up a few outside sacks to get a bigger more physical DL. Which is what we have needed for years now! Aldon Smith doesn't suffer in the pass rushing game because he has a complete player in Brooks on the other side of the field from him. Why is it all the sudden you think Miller is going to become blockable now? Just get us a 7 sack guy that can stop the run on the other side and watch Von and Wolfe get better as they get more reps.
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