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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Its stupid to think some cop had he been in that theater with a gun could not have killed holmes. Officer why did he get of 30 shots and you did nothing. Well it was dark ya know? Hell I am a decent shot and have been in a theater a ton of times. After your eyes adjust you can see. Sure it would be difficult to shoot well but if a guy walked up your aisle shooting the notion you would have little chance to hit him without killing tons of innocent people is a joke.

How many times have you been tear gassed? Your eyes adjust to that?

Also though saying it would always end better if citizens were armed is also not correct. You can't predict things like that. Sometimes it would end better sometimes it wouldn't.

I love how Houghtam says because he worked in a theater he knows how it would turn out is pretty funny.

Which one of us has filed police and incident reports on multiple occasions, one being when a fire extinguisher was released during a showing, two being brawls one of which which resulted in multiple innocent people being injured?

Here's a clue...

i worked at a bank does that mean i know how to make sure a bank robbery is safer? no it doesn't.
In bold.

Yes, I would say I know exactly what the conditions in a movie theater with poor visibility are, and how easily it is for someone to get injured in a situation like that. Never mind when two sets of bullets start to fly.
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