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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Its stupid to think some cop had he been in that theater with a gun could not have killed holmes.
Good thing no one is saying that, huh strawman-killer.

Officer why did he get of 30 shots and you did nothing. Well it was dark ya know? Hell I am a decent shot and have been in a theater a ton of times. After your eyes adjust you can see.
Your eyes aren't going to adjust to the darkness when there's a bright source of light shining in them. Again, basic ****ing biology here folks. No one's arguing that someone with dark adjusted vision in a simple dark room wouldn't have been able to see.

Stop murdering the ****ing strawmen. They deserve to live!

Sure it would be difficult to shoot well but if a guy walked up your aisle shooting the notion you would have little chance to hit him without killing tons of innocent people is a joke.
Nice totally unsupported assertion. So a guy's coming at you with a gun. You just start blasting away while in a crowd? You think it's unlikely you're going to hit someone other than the intended target? Really? Most people at a range have a hard time hitting a man sized target @ 15 yards without careful, deliberate aim (i.e. not just "pointing"). And that's in the controlled environment of a range not in a life or death, blood pumping, eyes watering, pissing your pants situation.

I love how Houghtam says because he worked in a theater he knows how it would turn out is pretty funny.
He's about the only other person in the thread that doesn't lack the basic brain power to understand that the lighting conditions during the movie are a lot different than at other times.

For instance, your idiotic comments about your eyes adjusting.

So once again we're back to the wingnuts either too dishonest or too stupid to deal with a simple, objective fact of reality because it doesn't suit their ideological beliefs.
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