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Julius "Fluff"

^ I think the Ravens are making a big mistake by letting a versatile player go for a pure situational player like Doom. Which to me isn't Raven like. The way they got beat up last year they should know how important it is to have versatile players.

Kruger has played 3-4 DE as well as 3-4 OLB. Now they are stuck with a player that can rush the passer (very well mind you) and that is it. If injuries force Doom into playing running downs I think they are in big trouble.

I also think they fully expected to sign players back when they traded Bolden and got Flacco's contract under control. When that didn't happen and they lost Ed Reed they had to make the move that is why they UP'd the offer after he left. I think they are shell shocked how many of their players left via FA after winning the SB.
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