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There is no assault weapons problem or a rifle problem in our country. Just like 9-11 and the patriot act going to far our govt is once again using isolated incidents to take away our freedoms. Seriously give me one argument how Americans are killed or threatened by the people who own assault rifles? Very few incidents involving them. It's such a non issue that no on will even argue with me that its needed because of the number of incidents. The best people can say is do you really need 30 rounds? We could kill the gunman as he reloads? or you don't need them for hunting? or a shotgun is better for protection? or Feds beauty, the potential the guns are more dangerous even though they haven't been used for many crimes or murders? Like a pre-emptive gun ban based on the fact if people started using them we would wish we didn't have them?

Fact is assault rifles don't appeal to criminals. The only time they make the news is a brazen robbery where they would just get fully auto or bypass your clip law etc and the off random attack like the colo shooting.

We can't stop people from going crazy. The only smart gun control is by saying if you get caught with a gun and your a felon we give you 25 yrs hard labor. If you use a gun in a crime during a robbery its 35 yrs hard labor. If you kill someone regardless of how you do it unless its self defense you get life hard labor. No more kick back prisons make them work until it kills them. I think they would make great miners. We should build prisons right on top of rare earth mines and let them have at it.

Liberals want to be soft on crime then come back and say wow the world is scary. Maybe we shouldn't have guns. But all that does is leave people in a survival of the fittest when it comes to confrontations. Someone bigger and stronger then you arrives and you are screwed. Or some criminal who doesn't follow the law has one up on you because he is armed.

make no mistake about it many many liberal politicans would love to outlaw all guns.
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