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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
They could be gambling on Suggs being released sooner rather than later. As it stands now the Ravens will have to let either Suggs or Ladarius Webb or possibly both go next year.
They're gambling, that's for sure. But in fairness I think teams all over the League were expecting a larger increase in the cap this year. Nevertheless, you try to win THIS year. THIS is the year, keep your RDE that's proven.

If they were disgusted with Elvis they could have cut him early, brought in Kruger or Avril. No, they liked him, but they wanted him to take the haircut for the team. They kind of picked on him to take the cut, now they have to make up some production at RDE and leadership. RDE is not a scrub position, you want a stud there, now they have to find one.
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