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I would be fine with Abraham at the right price. By all indications he is at least a solid Pro and does not freelance as much as freeney. Vandenbosch is nowhere near where he was in TEN. Ayers or Jackson need those reps, more than a Vandenbosch.

I would prefer getting a stud DT like Jesse Williams in the draft earlier and then a PRS or pass rush specialist like Trevardo Williams out of UCONN later. "Tank" Carradine or Brandon Jenkins might not be viable options for this season, but I would not frown on either of them if they are medically ahead of schedule and could be ready by TC.

Also, I am a HUGE Malik Jackson fan. Kid has a solid game as an Outside pass rusher and played severely underweight at TEN and at DT to help an injury ridden position. I would like to see him drop 15 lbs and get explosive from the new workout system and see what he has. Kid had great tape outside and he hustles just as much as the meth man....
I couldn't agree more I think Malik Jackson has huge upside with proper coaching, he had several plays this past season in preseason and also during the season in situational play where I was left shocked with how he got that position on the offensive lineman
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