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Yay! The train is rollin' again. Lots of picks to discuss. Thoughts as follows:


I like Marquess Wilson as a shrewd draft sleeper. I don't like him in the 5th Round, because he quit on his team, so there are concerns there. His production two years ago was elite though, so there is a lot of upside if his personality checks out. I had him targeted as a Late 6th-7th Round priority value, but that late grade had nothing to do with skill.

Marcus Davis doesn't really do much for me. He's pretty much a quasi-TE. I guess Seattle could use him in a number of creative roles and around the end zone. I had him in the 6th-7th round as well, but he doesn't excite me as a prospect like Wilson does.

Green Bay

I had Otten in the 6th Round, so this is close to that value. He's the right type of TE for GB if they want to replace Finley at some point. This is a pretty solid selection.


Don't like Gholston at all for a pass rushing position. He's a pure 34 DE in a two gap scheme, and he'll be decent at that, but he has no athleticism and offers zero pass rush. His role on Denver's defense would be the exact position Wolfe plays at LDE. This is a really bad fit if the goal is to play him at the other DE spot vacated by Dumervil. And the problem with using him to back up Wolfe is that Malik Jackson already is doing so. In terms of draft value, this is the right spot for Gholston, just a bad schematic fit.


Probably too early for Hyde, whom was one of my preferred targets in the Late 6th-7th Round. He has some off-the-field baggage, isn't the best athlete and doesn't give the best effort, but he is very productive and has excellent size. For a team that really needs secondary help, I understand this selection. There were far superior CBs still available though, that would be my gripe.


I know absolutely nothing about Keith Pough other than he's from a super small school and ran a 4.9, which means he has no chance of playing OLB in the NFL and probably has limited use on special teams. I don't like the selection.


I do like the selection of Wagner. He was the last interesting OT prospect on the board for me. I think he goes in the 4th round range, so this is pretty good value. I like him. I thought he had a chance to be a 1st or 2nd Round pick a year ago, but he went back to school and had a relatively rough year playing LT. He probably fits best as a RT in the NFL, but needs to work on his strength and aggressiveness. I think he's a starter caliber prospect though, so this was great value in the late 5th.
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