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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
How would that not be all bad? you replace a multiple time pro bowler with a guy who is over the hill and the bottom of the barrel in a really weak rookie class. That seems like all bad to me.

Ayers has had 4 years and in that time 3 different competent defensive coordinators have decided that they didn't like him that much (interestingly the only year he started we had Martindale who ran the defense into the ground). If he had progressed then maybe there would be some room for optimism, but really he is still a guy who gets stifled by a single offensive tackle. Jackson could maybe be a decent player, but with a rookie season that yielded a total of 5 tackles there is really not much basis for expecting him to become a starter who can contribute on a level commensurate with what we have been getting from that position.

Abraham is the only currently available player who has proven recently that he can play at a high level playing the right end position in a 4-3. If we have to draft a DE in round 1, we are leaving either MLB or RB to chance.
I agree but I'm saying $ might finally motivate Ayers and if the Broncos have to lose Doom, then this may be the best time because Ayers is at the end of his rookie contract and, he might finally be somewhat productive to set up his next contract. I think there are plenty of cases where a very mediocre player had his absolute best year in his contract year because he knew that if he wanted that big money deal, he had to produce now. If this is the case with the Ayers, great! Then if I was the Broncos front office I'd make him a contract offer based on his entire career with the team and not throw the money at him. If he walks, he walks.

However, this is a pretty good year to be looking for a defensive line help. So that is why I think the Broncos make it a priority to draft one now that Doom is gone. No one knows about Malik Jackson but it's silly to assume he's all of a sudden going to explode and get double digit sacks as a DE. He can be part of a good rotation, but other than that, it's silly to think he's anything special until he proves otherwise.
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