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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Maybe it's because they don't agree with border policy in the first place?

I mean come on, you support the right of democratically elected law enforcement to selectively enforce gun laws, so surely you support the right of a peaceably assembled and associated body such as a union to selectively apply its use of the First Amendment, right?

Or are you just talking out of both sides of your mouth...again?
I guess I spoke too soon ..........

Im embarrassed, not only as a Border Patrol agent but as an American citizen, that our government has decided to outsource the production of these uniforms with no regard for the safety of the process or the security of our country, said Joseph N. Dassaro, president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 1613 in San Diego".

JFC ...... you would think the Obama Administration would have learned it's lesson after the uniforms of U.S. Olympians being manufactured in China caused a ruckus last summer.....

Stupid is as stupid does.
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