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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
I did. It was good. And as some of the scouts is puzzling.

How can a guy go 110% ON the field.....and be total opposite OFF the field? Bizarre indeed. Usually someone either has a good work ethic or they don't. Sounds like Allen Iverson......"We talkin' about PRACTICE?!?!"

Speculation that he'll "indulge" in the NFL party life has me mildly concerned. If he ultimately gets himself into trouble.....we know how Goodell views that crap.
Because he is 20/21 years old and probably has maturity issues. Those things can be addressed or they can linger. I don't doubt his talent on the field, but like you and others wonder if he can put it together off the field. That is why instead of being a Top 5 - 10 guy (which he clearly is on tape) he is being discussed as a late-first round guy. For anyone to argue that he is bad value @ #28 is just absurd.

I love Carradine, but do we take a guy who blew out his knee with that selection? I would love him because I know how good he is because I'm a Noles fan, but I'm not sure we can hope for the best there. Medical will determine everything for him. He is a Top 10 talent had he not blew out his leg. However, he could be Erasmus James / Vikings Part II.

Datone Jones, who isn't even close to as good as a pass rusher as Moore? No thanks.

If Moore falls to the Broncos, I hope he is considered. They should bring him in for a private workout and interview and go from there. I think that having a teammate and good coaches can help calm some of the outside baggage surrounding him. We already know he can play on the field.
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