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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
I voted for John Abraham because of this:
Nothing wrong with Abraham other than age, but if you are using these last year stats alone to make your decision Im extremely glad you are not working with Elways at Dove Valley on this matter!

Last year Freeney was miscast as a 3-4 OLB, something his fast off the line hand in the dirt style his whole career was unsuited for. He also missed two games and was greatly slowed by the same injury in three others last season that all combined limited him to still fairly good 8.5 sacks.

Either Abraham or Freeney will be able to make up for Doom's production fine with our Dline and Von roaming the line and with neither guy facing a double team all year courtesy of Von ... That is a luxury that neither guy has ever much enjoyed in either of their careers.

Freeney will be highly motivated, if he is the guy we sign, rejoining Manning and finally on a Championship calibre defense again and, if he stays healthy, will easily resume his 11 sack a game average from years 2008 through 2010 before the Colts imploded in 2011 without Peyton and Freeneys sack total dropped to 8.5 and again lady year when he was stuck at 3-4 OLB and working through an injury limiting him to 5 sacks.

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