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Shaq Barrett

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
You should read the article I posted. On the field effort isn't the question. It is if he is going to be stupid off the field. On the field that guy brings it every down. You should go to and watch his videos. They have pretty much every defensive snap he has played in a majority of his games in 2012. Fun stuff.
I did. It was good. And as some of the scouts is puzzling.

How can a guy go 110% ON the field.....and be total opposite OFF the field? Bizarre indeed. Usually someone either has a good work ethic or they don't. Sounds like Allen Iverson......"We talkin' about PRACTICE?!?!"

Speculation that he'll "indulge" in the NFL party life has me mildly concerned. If he ultimately gets himself into trouble.....we know how Goodell views that crap.
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