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Shaq Barrett

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Drek, you are absolutely right that we aren't getting a perfect prospect at #28. My concern is taking a chance on a guy with serious questions regarding his work ethic. To me, that's the biggest red flag a player can have. You can coast by on talent at the collegiate level, but that won't get it done in the NFL. I'd rather take a chance on a guy who maybe didn't test as well as the elite prospects, but who will give a max effort on and off the field. I think those guys have a better chance of panning out than the great athlete who's satisfied to coast on his natural skills. I'm not willing put my eggs in the "JDR will get him motivated" basket.
Totally agree. On a scale of 1 to 10......every day of the week, I'll take the guy with a 6 on talent, and a 10+ on effort......rather than the 10 on talent and 5 on effort.

Albert Haynesworth ring a bell? If a guy is lazy.....I don't really give a **** how talented he is.
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