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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I could definitely see him go in the late 1st. You say you don't see any projections suggesting that, but all four of CBS' mock draft guys have him going there, Kiper has said from what he's heard that he'll still likely make the first round, and the only criticism of Moore we've seen from Mayock and McShay is that he's not a top 10 guy, implying that he is a first round guy.

As for the measurables, his 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle from his pro days would rank at or near the top for his position this year. His broad jump and vertical were both in the top 5 at the combine. He also took his bench from horrible to respectable (12 to 19) from combine to pro day, and bench is definitely not a number that gets a pro day bump due to more favorable conditions.

The real concern for Moore is that he is physically soft and under-conditioned. He went to Texas A&M so while it's not NFL level resources he clearly had solid support around him to better sculpt his body, so that implies a lack of work ethic in the weight room. He needs someone to crack the whip on him there and turn that 6'5", 250-260 pound frame into a 6'5", 270 pound frame with less fat and a lot more lean muscle. His functional strength would then go through the roof and he'd be far more imposing.

I'm pretty sure we have the right couple of guys here with the new S&T staff, Del Rio, and Von Miller to play the role of big brother. If he falls to #28 he'd be a solid selection. If the FO thinks he's slipping into the second round he would also be an ideal target to trade back for and accrue more picks, just like they did with Wolfe.
Neither Kiper nor McShay have him going in the 1st in their most recent mocks, nor do they list him in their top 25 (Kiper) or 32 (McShay) lists. Mayock has him as the 3rd rated 4-3 DE, but I don't think he's issued a mock yet, so not sure where he projects him there. The upper body strength is a HUGE question mark, as you mentioned, and he also has character/work ethic questions that are driving down his value. I'll be surprised if he goes in the 1st, and won't be too happy if we reach for him that early. In the 2nd round after a trade back (as you suggest)? Fine. But I don't think he's good value at #28. I don't like rolling the dice on a guy in the 1st with questionable work habits in the hopes the he'll magically become motivated because JDR and Von give him a few pep talks. Just my opinion.

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