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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Wolfe has already broken out ... rookie started every game and notched 6 sacks.
Pretty much, plus Wolfe isn't moving to the weak side. He's strong side with some DT snaps, so he's not really in the discussion on replacing Doom.

Ayers' ceiling is well established, not flexible enough for a breakout.
I wouldn't say that. He's spent time in a rotation since getting back to DE, and most of that rotation has been spent on the strong side when the current staff consider him more of a natural weak side DE, but Doom has blocked him off from any real consistent snaps there.

I'd say short term Ayers is the guy who is most likely to step up and fill the gap. Long term I like Malik Jackson, though he does seem a better fit from a size standpoint at strong side along with Wolfe (who might also become more of a DT in a year or two, clearing room for Jackson there instead of on the weak side).

I think it's entirely possible the real long term pass rush replacement has yet to be drafted, and now has likely become a higher priority in this draft.

I'd like to see them grab John Simon, DE from Ohio State in the 3rd or 4th. he's got a similar game to Doom in terms of having really developed pass rush technique for a college end.
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