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I'm referring to his attitude the past week or so.
So you are predicting he would have been a locker room cancer if he would have come back at a lower price? I don't see why people are pissed at him. He was cut, his agent is a moron and then he went out as a FA and got the best deal he could. This is his last contract and it sounds like the Ravens want him more than the Broncos.

I watch the video and Doom is a baller. He plays every play and his run defense is better than people say. He forced 7 fumbles last year I believe. I have no hard feelings over this because Denver is the team that cut him.

Was he worth $12 million this year? No, but Denver took a $4.9 million cap hit when they released. I'd rather have Doom at $12 million, than No Doom and save $7 million. Doom is worth $7 million

Anyway, water under the bridge as far as I am concerned.

Freeney sucks. I hope they just stick with what they have a draft a DE in the first or second. Denver has a young roster on the DL lets nuture them a little and see which one of them is going to excel. Freeney will not get 10 sacks next year. That is a pipe dream. He is old and will lose even more speed playing on grass.
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