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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
So out of 123 MM + Denver is force to draft for need in the first round and jepordize the future all for $4MM in cap room.

Rober Ayers is a first round pick at #18 overall and I guess he's not the answer but a DE at #28 is.

Not buying it. Need is a terrible talent evaluator no matter the circumstance.
The next time Ayers gets 4+ sacks in a year would be the first time (college or pro). He is NOT a pass-rusher.

So yeah, the Broncos are going to need an elite pass rusher at RDE. And no, I'm not interested in any old, over-priced players that nobody wants, but are still trying to make $10M. Give me a 1st round pass-rusher, who gets 10+ sacks for 2 years in college and 50+ tackles. Anything less makes the Broncos worse.
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