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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
That's what I thought. Same with Obama. My best friend protects him daily. They are loaded with guns but the aholes in DC don't want you to have a gun.

I would rather you have a chance to protect yourself, your grandmother, or another innocent child in a situation like Aurora or any other situation also. Req you hear what the media wants you to hear. Plenty of people pull out guns and stop crimes all the ****ing time. A rancher neighbor of mine did. Did it make CNN? No because there was no blood and guts to report. The media loves body counts.

Wake the hell up kid.
I live in Dakota. Having legal access to quality weaponry will never be a problem and I see no legislation at the federal level that is ever going to hurt my ability to obtain something in order to enjoy for sport or personal protection while I am here. Let me know when the day comes that all guns are banned. Then your "They took our guns!" rant might actually have some validity. As of right now, here on Earth, it doesn't.

And BTW, I don't watch the mainstream media. Haven't had cable since Hurricane Katrina.

I asked, when, if ever, has a regular Joe citizen stop a mass shooting when it was taken place?

I did not ask if someone's ability to wield a weapon deterred someone who was going to engage in a criminal activity from doing so. (Like someone going into your house and trying to rob you, but you pull out a boss 22 and say get the **** off my lawn and the **** their pants and run away.)

And my grandma's are both dead. Jesus protects them now with unlimited heaven ammunition by angels.

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