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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Req my question was for you not nyuk.

Would YOU rather be armed if you found yourself in a mass shooting situation or not. Simple question. Yes or No.
You mean in a situation like the Aurora Theater where mass panic ensued and the ability to actually take out Holmes was virtually non-existent? Or something completely different? Even more chaotic?

It is one thing for me to take firearms training classes, shoot a buck or pheasant and go pistol shootin' with the boys for enjoyment. It takes a whole other type of mindset or mentality to actually think that I -- as an armed citizen, would effectively be able to stop some absolute terror of a human being Hell bent for leather trying to wipe people out because they have a screw loose. Especially if they were decked out in crazy armor like Holmes was.

Would I like to be armed if I was in a situation like that? Sure. To protect others and those I am with. I'd rather have a fighting chance to survive than go down without a fight.

However. . . do I think I actually would have a good shot at getting the situation to unravel the way I would want it to. . . i.e. the maniacal shooter being dead? Probably not. And that isn't a lack of confidence in my ability to shoot a weapon, it is honest assessment coming from lack of experience that a solider or someone like a police officer would have dealing with exchanging fire on targets/suspects. Never been in crossfire before, been shot at or had to shoot at another human being. Just because I'm trained with a gun and have one in that situation doesn't mean I am going to succeed in ending a killing spree.

How often has an average Joe citizen stopped a killer in any mass shooting event? Like. . . ever?

I can point to numerous examples where people who were ex-Law Enforcement or ex-Military had the knowledge and experience to stop someone, but I can't think of many unsung, regular Joe hero's who have effectively stopped a mass shooting rampage. In fact, members of law enforcement highly discourage civilians ever getting into the mix of things because they could do more harm than good.

I imagine that if 5-10 people (who had guns) were in the Aurora Theater when Holmes went nuts, more innocent people would have died because people would have panicked or incorrectly assessed the situation. Then again, just my thoughts.

If you don't like my answer, that is fine. But at least I am being honest.

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