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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I'm sorry, how you fire a gun has what to do with this thread?
Flew over your head, huh? You were the one trying to downplay my experience with guns because I primarily use them for sport or have used them in a rural setting. Which makes absolutely no sense. Where and how I have used a weapon matters how? Numerous times you have tried to say I don't have a dog in the fight because I don't: (A) Live in a big city or (B) Have a family of my own to protect.

Pretty sure that the latter also applies to you, so who are you to use that crapline on others? I stand by my point that even if I lived in a big city, I wouldn't feel the need to get a conceal and carry permit or have one on my person in order for personal protection or to feel safe.

Regardless, I'll take my experience shooting a wide variety of weapons over my life and my ability to adequately handle different firearms within reason over someone like yourself who recently got her new shiny toy in order to "feel safe."
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