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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
3-5?based on what evidence.
I meant 2-5 but, regardless practically every news report I've read or watched here of late mentioning a home invasion has multiple perps, which is the point.....

From a report -

Home invasion differs from burglary in having a violent intent, specific or general, much the same way as aggravated robbery—personally taking from someone by force—is differentiated from mere larceny (theft alone). As the term becomes more frequently used, particularly by the media, "home invasion" is evolving to identify a particular class of crime that involves multiple perpetrators (two or more); forced entry into a home

I doubt they keep official stats like that and the FBI considers a burglary/break-ins as home invasions.....and of course since the perps are always charged with burglary, rape, murder, assault, also makes it hard to track, which probably skews the actual numbers, but I can assure you that they're not being done by lone wolfs

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