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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
I think your are short changing Freeney glydenlove , look closely at not just his stats but the last 6 seasons he has played and you will see the last two unfairly deflated his apparent value and production capability.

Your second concern is the real one I share and is the main fallout from this unfortunate scenario with Doom. But I am much less concerned about losing Dooms production.

Overall, we are going to have a superior defense and for sure a superior offense compared to the ones we had last year as it is, even without Doom. With him would have made that even more so with the added consistency, but I definitely didn't want a butt hurt vindictive Doom on this team.

If he was going to take the whole screw up that he largely orchestrated with his agent the way he did, then I'm more than happy he's long gone now. We'll be fine.
The problem is that in the last 6 seasons he wasn't 33, if he had been 29 like Dumervil I would do that but when a player is 33 you can't take a season 4 or 5 years ago and hold that up as an expectation - if that was the case players would never retire. We have to accept that Freeney is 33 and he is not likely to get any better than he was, in fact all odds are that he will only be declining.

Look at the trend over the last 4 seasons: 13.5 sacks, 10 sacks, 8.5 sacks, 5 sacks. 24 tackels, 25 tackles, 19 tackles, 12 tackles.

It all points downwards, even when they let him line up wider in a 3-4 which should give him more room to rush - when lined Dumervil up wider he responded with 17 sacks (which was at the time a club record).

If this was one season of poor play and production that would be one thing, but it is a 4 year trend and there are no injuries in that time span that even begin to explain it, only the fact that he is older and slower and speed was all he ever had.
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