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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
The problem with your argument - admittedly so - is that your experience with guns is rural and sporting in nature and your only experience in larger cities is in taking little walks, not living there year after year after year. It also depends on what sections of larger cities as well. If I have a nice little enclave home, I don't take it upon myself to dictate to others.
Um, my experience with guns > yours. Regardless if it is used for sport and that I am in a rural setting. Do you really think knowledge of guns and how to use them is determined by where one lives? The way I fire a pistol here is the same as I'd fire it for self-defense if I lived in the city. Good grief. I am sorry that you are new to the firearms game.

At least you're willing to admit magazine bans won't do any good, which is more than I can say for most libtards.
Libtards? And you accuse others of acting like kids.
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