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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by BroncoFox View Post
I've never really watched basketball, just Broncos and Avalanche. I find baseball horribly boring. But I've been trying to get into it. And they look awesome.. except for our defense.

Maybe I don't know what I am talking about, but once the playoffs start, if we don't do something about defense, we'll not go very far. Teams play different in the playoffs. Much more defensive - and we allow even pretty awful teams to score a lot of points. We just score more than them.

So that's my only worry. That we won't be able to keep up once teams clamp down with solid defense once the playoffs start. Please tell me I am wrong.
Did you watch the OKC game? That should tell you that when on, this team plays great clutch defense.

Of course the rebuttal to that would be the Philly game, when the defense was absolutely terrible.

I think the biggest issue with this team is health. If healthy this team can go all the way to the Finals. And I think if you put Iggy on the best perimeter player and Chandler on the next best offensive player this team will be more than efficient on defense. The key though is that they have to run, and trap their opponent into getting into a running game with them. That is when they are nearly unbeatable.

Hope like hell Lawson is a go tomorrow. Otherwise I think Nawlins ends the streak. Teams are now bringing their best effort against us now.

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