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As others have said if you use it everyday then yeah you might be better with a plan, I have a Tmoblie pay as you go US sim card that I use when im in the US, 3 bucks per day of use gets me unlimited talk text and data, nationwide long distance included. so since im only over a weekend or 2 a month its perfect, and still cheaper than 1.25 per text and 10 bucks for 5 meg of data if I use my canadian carrier.

I also agree with buying your phone vs contract. Ive had my iPhone 4S since the day they came out, purchased it new, and other than the Tmobile card my regular phone has only cost me 150 bucks for the last year and ahalf, vs 50 a month x 18 months 900 if I went plan, so I am already past the return point on the purchase price of the phone, and I can go wherever I want with it.

7-11 speak out is another cheap one, I think in the US they run on AT&T so if you get there service you could go that route.

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