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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
So given the chance you would rather die not trying then actually fighting back?

Come on req..You can't be that gutless dude.

I can tell you that holmes type chicken **** wouldn't fly in AZ anymore. People packing everywhere there.

Colorado is becoming a safe haven for illegals and criminals now.
There is a difference between having a will to stop the guy and actually being able to do it. My guess is that nyuk's experience in such a scenario is 0. Just because she got a new shiny gun and took a few gun safety courses doesn't mean she is a good marksman or knows what the **** she would be doing. Especially in a theater packed with people, the way the atmosphere was, etc.

Now, would someone who was 11B, went Airborne Ranger and spent time in Special Ops be able to make a difference if in that place? Quite possibly. Nyuk? **** no.
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