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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
Wow... What similiar situations you and I have/had...

Here is the thing dude. I already know what you are going to do. So do you. Now the good news is, you will learn a FREAKING TON from this. Bad news is that you are not going to make it as a couple and you will feel that you wasted a good portion of your life.....Trust me on this. read this whole thing and you will know why I say this... And dont use this as motivation. I did when people said the same to me, but you can not control the other person.

On the other hand you can not experience the learning part yourself but take everyones word for it.

Think of it like this. You can see a piece of candy that looks good to eat, yet everyone says no do not do it, it fell in dog ****. But it looks clean and you really want that candy and it doesnt smell like dog****. So you either eat it and taste the fact that its dog ****, or you can take everyones word for it. On one hand you will learn it yourself and experience it which is much more powerful, but at the same time suffer through the bad part. Or you can learn that it is bad but not as much as if you ate it.

I was similiar to you. I am 25 my ex is 22. We were best friends since highschool. She dropped out of HS, was a model for Mac (make up company)...Could have gotten a great job paying 75k a year, but kept putting off the GED. For some reason or another there was always a reason or excuse. She even went in to take the test and the fire alarms went off and the building had to be evacuated. Some things are signs bro. watch out for them...I went to school and became a badass- but dont get paid like one...yet.....But essentially the same thing and scenario.....Long story short, we are not together have a 3 year old son....... I learned sooo much over those 4 years that when I think i wasted my life (which I did somewhat) its not bad because I learned so much....Having said that, I think I would have been a lot better off just listening to everyone who is older, mainly my parents...... She is now married again with another kid, still no ged and now she has no job..When we were together she bounced around jobs too. Luckily i was good with money and how to use it/spend it.....I am guarantee that she will be divorced again and homeless within 2 years, probably by this fall.

I can not tell you what it is, but somehow, even though they seem more mature than you...I know mine was.. They are not.22 year old girls are 22 year old girls. They dont understand life yet... I know that wont make sense, but it is sooo freaking true its retarded.

The part about risk and diving head first..I agree with, but your situation is not one of them... Move somewhere, if you want, not because of her, and dont give up a good job or anything else...Ask yourself this.. Where would she be right now if she was not with you? She is probably a great person, but that answer right there should tell you everything you need to know. THe answer is simple, she would be with another guy, latched to him- same situation... That situation will always follow her around no matter who she is with until she gets her **** in gear. Girls like that normally do not until they hit rock rock bottom. And she never will until you are out of the picture, and the cycle will always continue as is now until she hits rock bottom. Which once again will not occur until you are out of the picture.

I know that sounds rough and I am SURE she is a really really great sweet girl. But just because she makes you feel good about yourself does not justify anything else.

My advice after all that crap----Do what you want, as you know what you will. Just be prepared to learn and learn as much as you can. In the end you will be a good person and a better one. And dont get down on yourself if things dont work out how you want. They rarely do. But they do always work themselves out in the end.

Good luck.

Hmmm. Looks like that was pretty solid after all. Page 4.

So- is she with that other guy still or did she latch on to a new one? I bet a new one. Just like I said.
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