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Really? The NRA and the gun lobby don't give a rat's about our 'Liberties' they care about the gun industry. While were arguing about clip size, the Government has been eroding the Constitution and our basic rights. But let's all get frothy about the second amendment and how background checks are unconstitutional.
Here we go again with the illiterate "clip" nonsense again.

The NRA are against liberties because aren't against what you're against. By your reasoning, then Barack Obama is against liberties.

It can easily be argued background checks are unconstitutional. What I especially don't like about them is that they're backdoor gun registration. Take a look at ATF form 4473. Gun registration is supposedly illegal in Colorado, yet when I decided to get a rifle instead of a pistol a month ago, the gun shop had to call the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and notify them of my change. Why?
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