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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
"if it only saves one life isnt it worth it?" thats the mantra of the left. so... lets lower the speed limit to 45. raise the drinking age to 30. raise the driving age to 21. it will save lives wont it?
Its a fact it would , but all the BS magazine capacity or backgrond checks wont save a single life. but hey, the lefts M.O. of "doing something" who cares if it works or not makes people feel good , thats all that matters.
Liberal voters believe it is worth "doing something" pointless and stupid like placing new arbitrary restrictions on law abiding citizens. It's an emotional response that liberal politicians capitalize upon. The goal is eventual confiscation and repeal of the second amendment, which cannot happen in a single step. Magazine restrictions and background checks are all they could get this time around. They will be clamoring for more "reasonable gun regulations" after the next mass shooting.

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