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Again and for the millionth time, and hopefully the last, I just think its completely ridiculous to assume that a person would be a big enough fan of a film to go to the midnight showing, but have enough situational awareness not to be totally engrossed with this movie they're so excited to go see, that they are able to detach themselves and act before being acted upon, all while being in a dark room with a movie running, with tear gas and/or smoke, and down the shooter without a greater loss of life.

Just completely ridiculous to believe that series of events, IMO.
By accounts I've read, once he started shooting, people realized it wasn't a prank and they immediately began screaming and running.

Of course and I admit it is theoretical. I just cannot shake the feeling that a concealed carrier in there (or better yet more than one) could have done SOMETHING to help these folks.

By the way, since you are familiar with Century procedures at least in somewhat, I keep seeing these employees go tinker with the emergency exit door Holmes used. I haven't looked at it very closely, only once having passed by it by a few feet, but I can't imagine them doing much other than superficially checking it for the sake of customer comfort. It doesn't even look like they put an alarm system on it, and the door in Theater 15 has no indication of being alarmed, either. I've never seen them check the emergency exit doors of any other theater of that building I have been in.

Of course if there was a visible, audible alarm, then teenagers would probably have difficulty resisting going over there and setting it off.

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