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Btw, There is likely nothing about theater 9 that is any different than hundreds of other auditoriums I've been in before in my ten years in the industry. In fact, I would guess that if the Aurora 16 location is like any of the other countless Century theaters I've been in over the years, there's at least one other auditorium in THAT building that has the exact same layout. I don't need to go there to know what it looks like. These things are pretty standard. Seen a movie in one, seen a movie in Em all, and when you spend 60+ hours a week for 7 years straight, you tend to imprint these things on your brain.
Your posts are interesting and yes, theater 8 next door is the mirror image of theater 9. Both are the 2 largest theaters in the building. Holmes chose 9 in part due to the large size and in other part due to the more secluded back exit area where he parked his car.

Considering witness accounts and my contemplations in that theater, I continue to believe that those folks would have at least had a chance. Holmes was walking and firing. He couldn't fire everywhere at once. Those who for example in the front 5 floor rows ducked down and were not shot could have theoretically been able to get a shot off as he passed them as could those toward the top he hadn't approached yet. People ran from him, the upper rows toward the top emergency exit; some on the other side jumped over the opposite ledge near the opposite stair; and some others toward the bottom fled out the emergency exit door on the bottom right that Holmes entered.

Unfortunately the demographic that attend midnight Batman movies aren't the same demographic most likely to be carrying defense weapons.

Aside from that, about what kind of customer flow does a theater of that size need to remain open? The place is lagging in business though on weekend evenings they seem to get reasonably decent crowds.
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