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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Facing back? Elaborate please?
When doing a theater check (to throw out unruly teens, for example), you stand at the bottom and look up, using the screen to both illuminate the direction you are looking (from the screen to the projector) while also using the running movie and light from the screen to keep from being noticed. The only way you would not be at a tactical disadvantage is if you were somehow below him when you engaged him, and that would then assume he had already started his rampage, and the likelihood of your LOS being obstructed by runners grows exponentially.

Once again this is all over and above the other stuff that has been discussed, such as the fact that many people didn't realize what was going on until it was too late. From the wiki article: Initially, few in the audience considered the masked figure a threat. He appeared to be wearing a costume, like other audience members who had dressed up for the screening. Some believed that the gunman was playing a prank,[8] while others thought that he was part of a special effects installation set up for the film's premiere as a publicity stunt by the studio or theater management.[9]

Again and for the millionth time, and hopefully the last, I just think its completely ridiculous to assume that a person would be a big enough fan of a film to go to the midnight showing, but have enough situational awareness not to be totally engrossed with this movie they're so excited to go see, that they are able to detach themselves and act before being acted upon, all while being in a dark room with a movie running, with tear gas and/or smoke, and down the shooter without a greater loss of life.

Just completely ridiculous to believe that series of events, IMO.
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