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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
WTF is wrong with that tradition? Its freakin awesome and it gives the Super Bowl winning team a well earned advantage to start the year which is fine. WTF can't those a-holes take that Thursday off and doubleheader it Friday? Or, in baseball, on getaway games they almost always play day games. Why do they play night games then travel?

Baseball is ****ing stupid, they knew the Ravens were going to open up at home the Thursday after Labor Day since the beginning of February, why do they have to be such *****? Goodell should just say **** it we're scheduling the game in Baltimore on Thursday night and if traffic gets screwed up then so be it. Its almost like baseball is doing everything in their power to stick it to the NFL.

What, you want to get back to opening the season with 2 random teams with the home team in a big market like 49ers at Jets? That is stupid.
The whole thing is stupid to me that the Super Bowl winning team has to open at home on the Thursday Night game to start the game. Why? Because we've done it the past maybe 10 years? I still don't see why the Ravens can't open on Sunday night at home, I just don't understand.

Again, why does baseball have to accommodate the NFL here? I don't see how sticking with their schedule is "sticking it to the NFL".

And I'm just going to stop since you think the NFL will schedule that first game the 49ers @ Jets.
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