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Wheaties box that featured the SB 32 team. Commemorative glasses at arby's. Commemorative SB 32 Coke bottles. 1977 RC Cola had Bronco bio's on the side, bought a bunch just for the players.

Ed McCaffreys entire line. Safeway had them last time I was stateside. Damn good stuff.

Stinks Green Chili.

Never saw the Easy Ed O's or his root beer. Never saw TD's bbq either, but willing to try it.

Almost bought a car at a dealership owned by Floyd Little, not on purpose. A former nugget Willie White or Pete Williams was a car salesman there. Randy Gradishar was doing a signing which is why I went.

Bought then waited in line to get signed my 3 Amigo's poster.......... Worst part, had to go to 2 different malls to do it, those guys were briefly really popular!
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